MT SAGLIK URUNLERI SAN. VE TIC. A.S. abdominal support corset, aerosol chamber, aircast ankle support, ankle support, arm sling, blood glucose monitoring system, blood glucose strip, blood pressure monitor – arm type

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Albamed is a foreign trade company with the support of medical consumables production and logistics from 2015 to today. Our company has more than 52 service networks and aims to provide quality service with its wide range of products. Among the regions served by our company; The Balkans are located in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East.
Osimplant has been established in 2005; by an expert team that specialized in spinal surgery, in Ankara, Turkey. We are providing spinal implant products and services according to needs of the health sector by using high technology to answer the needs of Domestic and Global market. A complete quality assurance system to continuously fulfill the requirements according to ISO 13485 and CE has been established, ranging from material procurement to design development and automated production process. We also welcome any contact for cooperation.
Ersamed medical and Orhtopedia San.Tic.Ltd.Sti started his business with 5 staff in 500 meter square area in 2005, in istanbul. We started this journey by products with the brand called SUPPORTLINE now we work in 2500 meter square are with 65 staff , also we have expand our product range with orthopedic products with the support of our customers.
As ADIL BOZ TEKSTIL, we have worked in the health sector for 60 years to provide quality products and better service. Since 2009, we have been working to deliver our products under the name of CENGIZ MEDIKAL at the same quality.
Our target as OTTOMAN GROUP IMPLANT; To follow the developments in the sector and to produce implant and prosthesis which continuously renews itself with our R & D and innovation studies and responds
Doratek provides innovative products and distinctive business solutions to the healthcare industry in spinal, cranial, orthopedics and trauma branches. In addition to the necessary quality system certifications; the quality system has been adopted in the best way by the company for sustainable development. Doratek has been successfully serving its branded medical product line for the local and the global market. The company has PIEX™ brand for spinal, cranial, orthopedic and trauma implants.
Our products serve to stay healthy, regain your health, feel good and raise your living standards. Every stage of a new product, from the initial design stage to the different stages in production, is subjected to strict control. This is an indication of Izmir Orthopedics' understanding of quality and the value it gives to people.
Dealing business in health industry since August 8th 2005, MT Healthcare Products have always been the name of quality and synergy. The Company has not only broken through but also introduced to allover Turkey worldwide reputable and high-quality brands with affordable prices, which has led the Company to become the leader in the country. In addition that Mt Medical is one of the biggest Adult diapers , fabric orthopedics and blood glucose test strips seller in TURKEY. As MT Saglik Urunleri San and Tic A.S, we have been operating in medical and health sector since 08 August 2005. We are the exporter of medical products and would like to make ourselves and our products known to you. Our main customers are Pharmacies, hospitals, clinics doctors, we also export our products and the products that we distribute to many countries located in the Middle East, in the Central Asian and Caucasian countries as well.Our main products groups are; Diabets, Blood Pressure Monitor, Textile Orthopedics, Metal Orthopedics, Foot Care, Orthopedic Pillow, Respiration, Personel Care Products and Consumption Products. Except these, we have a wide range of products that are not placed in our brochures and we are also in contact with a wide range of producer company, we can check the possibility of finding the products requested by your market.
Mode medikal which has been deemed to deserve international succes awards with advanced technology production systems is a reliable company of corporate group.
The **Gelenke’** Trading Mark was Produced by Mat Med Medikal for the production of the orthopedic products in high quality. All the Products were designed in the way that provides the most gain to its users, and is manufactured in the newest technology, so it can be provided in the best prices. e best row material is used and the designe is best planed, so the products can be as functional as possible. Our vision is to be one of the leading trading marks around the world in the medical sector. and for that, we keep looking forward to enter new markets in different countries